Friday, June 13, 2008

The Crook

Click on page 20 for a closer look at page 20.

The cop
The addict
The ordinary guy
The girl
The crook
The older cop

A while ago I noticed a big blip in my visits. It usually hovers around some where between 100 to 200 visits a day.
Then one day it leapt up to 320, then the next day it was up to 353! Then it crashed back down to 120.
Thank you stumble upon. Stumble upon? What's that? Have a look. It seems pretty cool. I think for a day I was on their front page or something. (One day state side would mean an evening, and a morning over here.. Which gives you the two day thing.)
Anyway someone recommended me or something, so thankyou who ever you were.
Which is why I've put Stumble on my blog, to make it easier to help me.

Oh and look I've been fumbling around blindly in my html again and found a way to stick the images together with no gap, so that it looks like one big thing. Cool.


Juan José said...

Loved the failing toner effect.

Great work!

Anonymous said...

Loved everything, and looking forward to your next round


Herge Smith said...

Noice. This is a great piece of work fella. Kinda Rashamon like (is it Rashamon? - have I already said this?)

Blimey, I remember when I used to get a hundred odd hits a day, and then i went away for a year. Same thing happened to Lost I think.

Have you changed your email address or have you deaded me?

Anonymous said...


But the art is awesome, fits the story well.

Lost Moai said...

Awesome. This is my favorite of the six. The low toner panel and the Xeroxed life were great visuals. The deepening of the red was also a great touch.

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