Sunday, June 1, 2008

The AdDict

"Oh I get it it's a Pulp fiction thing"
Well yeah suppose so. Having said that Plup Fiction was a development of Quentins earlier film Resivior Dogs, which was to be fair a homage to three films.
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. (Made 1974 everyones called mr brown, mr pink ect.)
Infernal affairs.
And an old stanley kubrick film called the Killing (1956) Where the same story is retold from several points of view.

Oh look what you can do.
Open up another window and you can have a look at both comics together

The cop
The addict
The ordinary guy
The girl
The crook
The older cop


Juan Jose said...

Thats pretty cool! Everyone can tell his/her story.

Great! Keep it up.

Dave Shelton said...

Surely Infernal Affairs was made long after Reservoir Dogs?

The strip is really good though.

And I still think you should show the world Lassie Gets Translated.

spleenal said...

Yes you're right Dave. It wasn't Infernal affairs it was City on Fire.


Sam said...

Great creative stuff.

Part of me keeps waiting for Spleenal to appear...

IBerg said...

That’s pretty cool how the page numbers are the time reference. When you get this published as a book, will you put more that one perspective on the same page, or will you put them mixed up, like on the blog, and hope that your book are quite observant? What a great concept. Thanks for pointing it out, I don’t know that I would have picked up on the page numbers for a while.

Ian Mayor said...

The Killing is a great, great film.

So, how many viewpoints are we going to see in the 6xX parter?

Herge Smith said...

fuck sake, I'll say it again Spleen, why isn't more of your stuff being published and appearing in that fancy comic shop in Brighton?


Have you chucked in self publishing? I need to know.

Herge Smith said...

Is that a lady holding her minky open on your desktop there.

I remember you drawing something similar in that notebook Ralph used to carry around with him.

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