Monday, September 24, 2007

eat me and grow big

I'm sure you've all noticed how nice and big my cartoons are. This is primarily because i split my cartoons up into bits. You can't really see the joins because my background is white, but if you click on one of my cartoons it will only show you part of one. you probably know yourself that uploading a bigger image won't result in a bigger image on screen because of all the code blogger sticks in along with the image.
the top line only refers to the original image it's self the rest is concerned with where to float it and what size it appears as

there is a roundabout way of getting a bigger image on screen around, and that is to host that image somewhere eles (flickr) you can then grab that photos url and paste it in to your blog. Blogger won't then resize it. there is another more direct way way however and that is to edit your own htlm.
like I said before the top line in your downloaded image is the original image at the original size (the one you're taken to when you click on it) but if you look that same line of code is repeated lower down with one small difference

This relates (in some way) to the size it appears as in your blog. change this value and the size of the image changes.

This image will now appear at the size I uploaded it.
Be careful though it is shrunk for a reason.
By resizing it Blogger have made sure that your image will fit on screen and fit with every template they have. Go too big and you may find half you image under all the stuff youv'e got going on down the side of your screen (ive chosen a template that doesn't have any stuff at the sides so I'll be able to go really big)
The best thing to do is to check it once you publish, but be careful here too. You artists may have a bigger screen than normal people. So it might be an idea to ask your mate who's got a small monitor to have a look for you.

Where this comes in useful is where the image concerned is portrate, not landscape. The code makes no allowances for the fact that your picture is only "up/down" big, not "left/right" big. Now you can.

P.S Don't go crazy with huge portrate banner images . if it's 400 pixels wide but 95000 pixels deep it's gonna take an age come up on screen, and I for one won't wait for it.


spleenal said...

I've just thought. You don't need to ask your mate with a small monitor if everything looks fine. All you need to do is shrink the window you're viewing your blog in to the size of an average monitor.

Maarten Rijs said...

Hey man, unlucky for me I got stuff on the side.
Loved the spleenal review a few posts back!
Please keep it up I'll definitly be back!

Maarten Rijs said...

Hahahahaha just read the jibber and steve pages, hilarious.

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