Friday, January 22, 2010

Alan Moore knows the score.

There's a theory that everyone in the world is connected by only six degrees of separation.
That is to say you can connect anyone in the world to anyone else via a chain of a maximum of only six people.
Alan Moore and I are separated by only two degrees.
That is to say a friend of a friend met him once...

Alan Moore

This friend of a friend got on a national express coach (cross country bus, cheaper, slower, less comfortable.) The only seat left was next to Alan Moore!
This was way back in the eighties and Alan was wearing his white suit.
White suit, shirt, tie, socks shoes.
"Are you Alan Moore?" Friend of friend asked.
"Yes." Answered Alan Moore.
"Can I have your autograph?" Asked friend of friend.
"Yes sure do you have a pen?"
"Er no."
"Do you have any paper?"
"Erm, no."
"Oh right... I guess you can't have an autograph then."

There then followed a three and a half hour awkward silence until he got off.

The thing everyone knows about Alan is that he hates the whole "comics into films" thing and refuses to take any money for them (the artist gets the cash) and he doesn't even go and see them.
Weird I know.
League of extra ordinary gentlemen wasn't super great, but V for vendetta was really good, and I thought watchmen was great.
They're different from the comics, and I wanted to see the squid at the end, but I can see why they changed it.

I know why he's got such a downer on the "comic into film" thing though. Have you seen Swampthing? Fuckin' hell!

I had all the collected issues from when Moore took over. Brilliant. The realisation that he wasn't human, never was. He was a plant that thought he used to be human. that there was no way back. No cure.

That came at the beginning. It started with that!

So I wanted to see the film. The poster looked just like the a comic cover. So when I realised that it was on late one night on BBC2, and that it was directed by Wes Craven! Well it turns out it's properly crap. I could go into why, but to be honest I can't, it's only been about 20 years since i seen it, and I'm still disappointed.

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