Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An Iraq Inquiry

Note:- This is all true to the best of my knowledge, save for two things. I don't know exactly what Curveball stole from Babel Television. Just that it was "Expensive equipment" and he probably didn't have a Volvo.

One other thing I don't know is if England knew that the German source and the American source were the same source. This is due to a weird thing called the "3rd party rule".

The bit about world war one is meant to illustrate that it's not the first time we've gone to war over oil. Not the first time we've lied about it, and not the first time the intelligence turned out to be a load of crap.


The Guardian on Curveball

Germany told US that Curveball was unreliable before war

60 minutes on Curveball

Hour and a half on curveball and "intelligence" by the guy who wrote the book.
(important bit 35 minutes in he mentions the 3rd party rule)

Newsnight on why the intelligence was so wrong, and curveball

The Czech Repuplic (?) explain the 3rd party rule.

Why would Bush want to invade Iraq before 9 11?

Bush plans the war 3 months after 9 11

Berlin-baghdad railway

The naval race from coal to oil in the run up to WW1

Here, in the bit on the chronolgy of the orient express it says that the treaty of versailles has a clause requiring Austria to accept the Orient Express (stopping it going through Germany) The treaty its self was signed on an Orient express carriage.


F! said...

Ninth of September?

spleenal said...

Thanks F! That's fixed now.

Paulina said...

Excellent and so depressing

elece said...

Hey, you made a beautiful reality-thriller here!
I like your blog, always read but no posting... today I discovered the word verification doesn't work from inside netvibes rss reading. said...

Good article. The ww1 bit is not quite as simple as you make it sound, Britain had LOTS of reasons for wanting to jump on the French bandwagon, (see RF Dangerfield), You might like to look at Christopher Mayer's BBC program on diplomacy, (broadcast on BBC4 Feb 15, it will be on iPlayer) he makes a very good analogy with Palmerstone's attack on China.

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