Friday, August 12, 2011

Futurama just ripped me off!!!

I've just finished watching Futurama and loved it as usual. Tonight's first episode was awesome because I wrote it!
Well Okay, I didn't write it. It just has the same plot as The day after the end of time. The super awesome time travel story what I did ages ago and features in my book!

Bender, Fry and the professor end up in a time machine that only goes forward.
Spleenal's time machine breaks and only goes forward.

They go to a bunch of different futures...

One of them only got hot babes in it.
Spleenal goes there too.

They go to a future where all life is extinct.
Spleenal goes there too.

So they go right to the end of time.
As does spleenal

They end up going all the way back to the start of time
And on page 58 Spleenal sez "I must have gone so far i've ended going back round to the start!"

So did the Futurama writing team rip me off?
Naw course not. I just an idea. Then three years later they had the same one.

What it does mean is that I should be writing for Futurama.
If you've got Matt's number ring him and tell him to buy my book and then hire me!

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Peter Underhill said...

Strange that. I wrote something in my notebook about time travel only working in one direction too. Mine was more of a meandering treatise, but the same principle nonetheless. Maybe there was a waft of solar idea germs that passed over us and those more sensitive to it wrote down the same thing. Weird.

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