Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The 8th and a half doctor

If you're nerdy you might enjoy my Doctor Who strips over on my kid friendly blog
How nerdy am I !?! it struck me one day, that no one ever saw the transformation from Paul McGann's doctor to Christopher Eccleston's doctor, so there could have been a Doctor in between! Then I was thinking, "Ooo, he could have been a bad Doctor. Like evil or something! and when he regenerated into Eccleston he wiped his memory because he couldn't live with the bad stuff he'd done. Which leaves things open for him to do battle with himself!!! (the current version). Surely this has to be the nerdiest post the net has ever seen!

This is not that bad Doctor I thought maybe he could have been funny too.What on Earth am I doing? The last of the trilogy of "the 8th and a half Doctor" strips is about old Baddie Scaroth from the four parter "City of Death" first aired in 1979! That's 32 years ago for gods sake!!! That's really current isn't it!?! I think she's right. I am my own worst enemy. It's meant to be for kids. It's Scaroth kids! Scaroth! He's back! Remember? No? Whatev's.

Doctor who comic strip


MM said...

There was an 8.5 doctor. And yeah, he was kind of a jerk from what I remember. There is room for more than one, though:


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and he should totally be played by that guy out of Alien! Harry Dean Stanton!
With this War Doctor and the Futurama time travel thing, then only explenation is that you have a working time machine and are just using it to troll us...

Well played, sir. Well played.

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