Monday, February 21, 2011

The big idea

In 1953 Operation Ajax seemed like a good idea.
A big plan. God knows the west needs oil almost as much as it needs Russia not to have it.
So if that can be done while fuckin' up the middle east well why not? It did lead to the creation of radical political Islamism but you can make an omelet without destroying countless lives can you?
Well it seemed like a good idea at the time...

They weren't to know what it would lead to. The thing they are playing in though (the world) is so complex there's no way to know what it will lead to.

Here in jolly old England in the 80's the Tory Thatcher government did the roads for prosperity thing...
In the 70's the roads were,.. well... crap. So Thatcher decided to fix them all, and build a bunch more (24,000 miles more) Traffic jams were to be a thing of the past. Great!
So Billions were spent smoothing out all roads everywhere and building excellent new ones... and a bunch of people died.
People found they could zip along these super smooth streets with a never before known ease, and that it you don't keep an eye on the speedometer you can break the speed limit having a whole load less feed back from the road.
So kids and old ladies got knocked down. Which led to traffic calming measures. Which is the ridiculous scenario where a very nice road has to have a bunch of crap all over it to slow people down.

Now that we've pissed billions away fighting a war on terror against people we created. (Money we could have done with when that banking thing happened) we're left with a huge roads system that we can't afford to repair.
Now we're back to crappy 70's style roads, but they're covered with traffic calming too. So it's worse than before!!!

Now the Tories have the big society. Another big idea. like so many more before. Humm. I've got a bad feeling about this.

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