Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We did start the fire. How we created todays terrorists

Radiohead the bends track seven press play

Fuck up number 1
After World War 1 the British and French chopped up the Ottoman Empire (see Sykes-Picot Agreement and or Treaty of Sevres) into what we recognize the Middle East to look like now.
It started then.
The League of Nations granted the United Kingdom a mandate over Iraq (and so the seed of destruction was sown) Despite the population being Shia and Sunni the British decided to leave only the Sunni in charge. Factor into this the fact that the oil producing regions of Iraq are populated by Shia, and you have a recipe for disaster.
Those with the power don’t have the oil. Those with the oil don’t have the power.
Leave this to fester for generations until Saddam is deposed.

Fuck up number 2
1953 Iranian coup d'├ętat. Operation Ajax
In 1953 the UK and the US backed the Iranian military Coup, which removed Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh from power, and put their boy general Mohammad Fazlollah Zahedi in the driving seat. The coup was performed in order to support the Pahlavi dynasty, preserve the Western control of Iran's oil infrastructure and to prevent the rising influence of communists in the Iranian government.
In 2000 the American government apologized for the coup. However sometimes sorry isn’t enough.
The Zahedi government couldn’t run shit and the economy fell to bits which paved the way for the Iranian Revolution also known as the Islamic Revolution in 1978.
Prior to the economy going tits up in Iran the Ayatollahs (Islamic leaders) kept well clear of politics. For them religion and politics should be kept separate but their people were going hungry, so they had to get involved.
The UK government and the CIA invented radical political Islam… Oops!

Fuck up number 3
For radical Islamists to be properly dangerous they need to be more than political. They need to know how to blow the crap out of British and Americans. They need to know how to fight a guerilla war.
So who taught them how to blow Americans up? Americans.
In 1979 the Russians invaded Afghanistan and America saw their chance to fight them without World War 3. Send some CIA agents out there to help the Afghan freedom fighters (the Taliban) fight the Russians. Give them training money, rockets and John Rambo. Oh yes Rambo. In Rambo 3 John helps Bin laden’s mates kick the reds out of Afghanistan. The tagline for Rambo 3 was God would have mercy, John Rambo won't!
John you bastard you ruined the world.
Having kicked the Russians out of their country in 1988 the Mujahideen then thought “right. Who’s next?” “Who’s morally bankrupt ?” “Who doesn’t cover their women from head to toe?”
Baywatch first aired in 1989.

Fuck up 4
Invade Iraq.
Go on wikipedia and the bit on foreign affairs it will tell you that Saddam Hussein was backed by Regan then the first Bush because the Iran Iraq war proved that he didn’t get on with those fundamentalist Islamists types.
Donald Rumsfeld was Regans Special Envoy to the Middle East (November 1983–May 1984) and was responsible for sharing American military intelligence, hardware and strategic advice with Saddam. So In our defense (English and Americans) He probably thought it was a good bet that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction having checked the receipt.

Now Iraq acts as a hover. Sucking in any radical mofo in the region who wants to kill a Brit or Yank. It’s just a bus ride really, and you can be there taking pops at some poor kid from Detroit whos parents couldn’t afford the money to send him to college.

The next bit’s tricky.
Pull out of Iraq and all those radical mofos are gonna have to go further a field to kill a westerner. They are gonna have to come here.

But try not to worry about what we have done, how it's all our fault right from the start, or the bloodbath in the future. Sit back relax, put some Radiohead on. The Bends. Track seven. Just.

You do it to yourself, you do
And that's what really hurts
Is that you do it to yourself
Just you and no-one else
You do it to yourself
You do it to yourself.


Mary Ellen said...

Great blog and great post! ana b sent me here and I'm glad she did. I'll look through more if it later...my computer is giving me a hard time today..must be a male computer. :-)

Ana Banana said...

YEs, I agree, with Mary Ellen, Spleenal -- this is a great post! And I really admire that you put it all down here in simple to read points on your blog...it takes a certain amount of courage to voice these things in the face of patriotism -- especially over here in the US. But, I would agree, that we did it to ourselves and now the question remains, how the f--K do we get out of this mess. There's no easy solution. And I agree, if we pull out, the radical islamists will have a strong foothold and come a callin' to our doorstep. It's all very sad, because there will be a lot more bloodshed to come -- on all sides.

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

Excellent blog. No bullshit.

The United States has been taken over by the military industrial complex which stokes the fires.

You are no doubt familiar with this, but I'll link to these two sites anyway. Not sure if I need to convert them to a tiny url, but here goes.



Ana Banana said...

"For peace to have any chance we need to first admit our part in all this (by that I mean the american and british governments)"

Yes, Spleenal...totally agree with you. But I don't believe the current administration will EVER take responsibility. It is a corrupt government and system that has been in place for a long time now.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Great post!

Hawkmistress said...

I was reading the long-ago stuff to see how this all started, and came across this - it's nice to know I'm not the only one who realizes this. I was talking to a friend the other day and said "you know, if you actually READ the list of Bin Laden's complaints, some of them are legit..." Nobody has been able to continue the conversation after that, they all go into sputtering stupidity.

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