Sunday, July 18, 2010

Right back to it.

You can wait can't you?
I've started a new long strip. You know the sort of thing. 50ish pages.
It's in the writing stage at the moment.
If you recall Cumly Bay was my experiment in making it up as I go. Some great stuff came out of it, but the unplanedness of it led to it wandering around too much for my liking.
I like it when stuff feels like it was made up as I went along like maybe Un-bound, but it's better if it's actually secretly not.

I'm thinking of changing format too.
Usually, mostly, it's on a 9 panel (3x3) grid. Drawn A4 which means it's easy to take anywhere, draw anywhere. but I'm probably going to go to A3 by drawing half pages (A4 landscape) which would give me an 8 or 12 panel grid (4X2 or 3).

It looks set to be Spleenals strangest adventure yet.

1 comment:

elece said...

My brain is licking and drooling in anticipation of this. Spleenal in HD!

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