Friday, November 20, 2009

Gilbert Shelton's been the don since I was 17

...And that was pretty much 20 years ago for me.
I've spent many a long hour pouring over everything he's done ever since I first discovered his stuff. He truly is the master, and no comic book collection is complete with out those Freak brother comics.
So imagine my excitement when I found this...
Yes that's right. One of my heroes with a copy of Spleenal on the table there next to him!
He was there signing copies of his Fat Freddy's Cat Omnibus.

Sort of makes me wish I'd spent at least two minutes finding out what he looks like when I drew him in "the day after the end of time" (Which is in the Spleenal book) I didn't think it would be published, and then he'd read it, did I!?! I just drew someone who looks a bit like Fat Freddy...

With any luck he looked a bit like that back in the day, but somehow I doubt it.


IBerg said...

How cool is that? Your idol buys a copy of YOUR book. You are a lucky man indeed.

Emery said...
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