Thursday, July 17, 2008

The day after the end of time part 6

hew! I finally got a Spleenal to 3 million years BC. Now I get to draw some Dinosaurs! cool!
Spleenal needs to find a cave girl babe too, or the lack of any lady shaves in pre-history won't lead to another Spleenal traveling to the day after the end of time.

Woha! didn't I forshadow that on page two? And now that I think about it, on the same page I forshadowed the whole going to the seventies thing too.


Anonymous said...

GOOOT :P that has to be my new favorite word for today

cant wait for the dinosaurs

Cheers bro

Froth said...

As usual I love the story. Though I did notice some errors, at least I think they are errors. You spelled trying as tyying (not sure if that was an accent thing or an error) and eluded is not illuded. I know picky pain in the ass.

Keep up the great work. I hope eventually success comes to you.

Anonymous said...

er...Isn't this what happened in "Gone"?
er....Didn't i publish that?
Or was that in a different reality?
Damn those time machines...
Andy - TGT

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