Monday, November 3, 2008


Humm, what to do? what to do?
Now that the book is pretty much done what's next?
Well I have a couple of ideas.

One is to expand Spleenal to include a bunch of other characters.
By that I mean a kind of on going soap based on the screwy lives of the people in a town like, er, yours.
This would be pages of story rather than gags.
Spleenal would be the star (at first at least) but the stories would branch off from him on longer and longer tangents.
This would be something like the long stories I've done (Un-bound Spleenal's Spanky spank comic The day after the end of time) with one big difference...

It wouldn't end.

I haven't started writing anything yet, because I doubt I could do it. It's just an idea at the moment.

The catholic priest would be fun though. I'm thinking that he's having trouble keeping his thoughts pure, then a girl starts coming to confession with increasingly erotic sins to confess...

What do you think?


Jim said...

I think you could carry it off Spleen, especially if you work yourself into it as you've said. I think the priest/naughty girl scenario offers a lot of possibilities; sin and guilt have been a popular combo for millenia now! ;)

Anonymous said...

hmm. a screwed up town? reminds me of the simpsons.. only yours would be better. i think you can do it mate.


Froth said...

The Simpsons
South park
Family Guy
Beavis and Butthead
spleenal would fit right in. As long as the edge isn't lost. All of those mentioned started off small then expanded to an ever wider world of characters.

Dave Shelton said...

Yes please.

Garen Ewing said...

Definitely sounds good. I like your longer stories, but also your shorter gags... so, just keep spleening :-)

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I think its a great idea, especially if you've lived in suburbia enough to know all the characters BG

Anonymous said...

Love the priest idea.

How about a cop who keeps getting caught handcuffed to objects at inopportune moments?

Lamp post on match day.
His bed during housing inspection.
His car, just as his mother-in-law walks past.

He pays prostitutes to handcuff, but never actually has sex... because that would be 'illegal'...

IBerg said...

I love all of your longer works. Just dont get all gay like that movie from when i was younger The Never Ending Story. I want to join with froth that you dont loose your edge. I cant get enough.

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