Monday, October 27, 2008

Apologies and a Question.

I feel as though I need to make a small apology. I used to visit all your blogs a lot and sometimes comment. I've stopped that in favour of getting the book ready. So apologies. If you're anything like me a comment on something you've said or done feels erm... nice.

While I'm on the book...
It is a definite, A5, soft back, but the question is, should Blankslate books also do a limited (300) run of hardback copies?

Would a hardback copy be something you'd like on shelf?

P.S if you follow the link to blankslates site. Go to the blog and checkout Mawils point of sale thingy. Click the pic and notice the bottom of the box.

Very cool.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

I know what you mean, I don't have a book deal as an excuse though, so I'm just crap! lol
I hope the book is going really well, I'm so excited for you! BG x

Terry said...

Of course a hard cover would be excellent, but no promises from me I'm afraid. Depends on how much I have in my pocket that week.

I'll buy a copy one way or the other though.

moff said...

yeh hardback would be cool, so long as it's sensibly priced

Anonymous said...

YEAH! No more comments for you! Anyone would think you've had a big break through... oh, erm, as you were.

Anonymous said...

Man, just post the link to the pre-order page!

I will sure be getting two (if it's out by February - once will serve as an excellent birthday gift).

It may not sound promising coming from an Anonymous Coward, though :P.

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