Sunday, March 30, 2008

World B

part 2
The God fish addendum

The story of what happened on board the “Northern Hope” in the hours that followed the arrival of the god fish, is initially one of survival for the three females on board.
The two kitchen staff and engineer survived only by pretending to see what the males thought they were seeing.
All the time waiting for rescue from the coast guard.
The arrival of the coast guard, however, only served to make a very bad situation worse. As they were almost exclusively male and heavily armed.
If it weren’t for the fact that it is now a requirement for all coast guard vessels to have a female officer on board, to deal with female searches, the God fish may have been brought to a crowed port then.

Private Bes Mack displayed great courage and valour despite only being with the service for a year. Circumstance conspired against her, in such a way, as to force her to kill all her crewmates.

It is unsurprising then that she remains on medical leave to this day…

It is a tragedy that all of private Macks efforts were ultimately in vain.

The creature was successfully taken to an isolated military base fully re-staffed with females. Security was high. Seemingly every precaution had been taken, but it proved impossible to protect against Victoria Reed.

Victoria Reed had been raised by her father, after her mother had died when she was six. Having no extended family Victoria felt she had no one to talk to when, as she grew up, she failed to grow any pubic hair or start menstruating.

The proto- human is female.
All foetuses start as female. It’s the effect of testosterone on the development of the foetus that changes 51% of babies into males.

Victoria Reed was male.
She had a Y chromosome.
And an immunity to testosterone.
Testosterone is responsible for the growth of pubic hair, even in females, and Victoria didn’t menstruate because she didn’t have a uterus. She never knew any of this, all she did know was that when she looked upon the God fish she saw the face of God.

And it told her to show the world....


greg said...

ah compelling! i'm enjoying some god fish addendum.


looney said...

You are so freakin' awesome. More, please!

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