Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A proper close look at Vertex


my favorite bit's the switch. Very pleased with that bit.


Ana Banana said...

beautiful switch!

I think you need to post this a little bigger...

Tobias Schwarz said...

ha, great blog. How do you get the huge size on your blog (own template?)

butterfly said...

The level of detail you were able to do on the small parts of the Vertex is really impressive -- considering the fact that you say you don't usually paint! You have much better control than you realize...imagine what you could do with oils which move more easily! :-)

Sidenote: I wrote a new post on my blog about facial symmetry studies and fun with Fireworks (the Macromedia kind, not the explosives...) that includes some supermodel nudity (!) and weird photo manipulation -- I thought you might enjoy it as a fellow creative-type (and fan of nude ladies). I thought the results were pretty neato. Since you have visited before, I thought I would share it.

Got any new posts coming up? I've been checking for a few days, but YOU NO HERE... ;-D V

butterfly said...


You're funny...I knew the naked lady would get you over to my blog ASAP ;-) It's not ME (vlh) in the pictures -- it's Amber Valletta! I'm not putting naked pics of myself on the blog -- not without a lot more yoga first... ;-P

p.s. thx for visiting =^..^=

Ian Mayor said...

Oh I say.

Very solid stuff.

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