Sunday, August 12, 2007

new picture of the gang

the gang

click for more pictures of the group and their tin


kend said...


butterfly said...

What do you make the toys out of? Are the parts recycled from something else...or do you make them from the bottom up? Very cute...I especially like the spleenal-wife toy looking up out of the tin with such excitement to play! Wee!!

spleenal said...

Homemade isn't actually true.

I turn up the parts in SikaBlock modelling board (chemiwood) on the machine lathe at work and then put them together at home.

well you did ask

butterfly said...

spleenal - what is your day job that you have access to such cool machines/software?? If you don't want to reveal this info in a public space, that's okay! I was just curious because it sounds like something cool :-D

&Rew said...

these are the best.

don't tell the butterfly your job! it'll meet you there and eat you!

hehe j/k it's just always been a dream of mine to dissuade someone from telling a butterfly about their day job, when secretly, i too want to know.


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