Monday, December 12, 2011

I went to the Canny Comic Con!

Oh yes, I went to the Canny Comic Con, and now I'm a millionaire so fuck the lot of you!
Well I say "millionaire" what I really mean is I made back the bus fair. So please stick with me.

The Canny Comic mail had asked if I wanted a table, but having a table sounded like a thing I'd be responsible for so I was thinking no, but I did have a bunch of old comics and one awesome not old graphic novel to pedal. So I was all like "Hummm, er... Yes alright".

The event it's self was based in the swank new(ish) Newcastle library. Out of the blue a guy called Alex invited me back on the 30th of September so this table represents more than two months preparation on my behalf.

And here's a picture of the view from my table.

I've blanked out that guys eyes there on the above picture just in case he's not meant to be there. "You lied to me! I thought you were having an affair and then I have to see pictures of you on the Internet at a comic convention!"

The best bit for me was the "Putting comedy in comics" panel where I was invited to chat on stage about being funny in comics. I thought I'd be all nervous and that but I found I thought I was pretty good at pretending I had a clue what I was doing.

Here's a pic of me that I ripped off Andrew Waugh's blog. He's the chat show host on the left. Next to him is him off of the Viz Steve Donald. Next to him there's Al Ewing. A writer for 2000ad! I'm the one with no hair and the young good looking one on the right is Graham Pearce.

If you weren't there I won.

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Anonymous said...

Man, you´re great!
Funny that after years following this blog, only now I know your name... :)

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