Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Doctor Who Everything I remember about the Carnival of monsters.

Careful. The first few pages of this are drawn to the best of my abilities then it goes sketchy. I'f you can live with sketchy then go for it.

This is an insight into my scripts (what they look like)

Please enjoy.

This is where we go to Black and white I'm afraid.

And here's where it goes rough. This is what I do for my self as a script for things like the Weak as I am book and the Spleenal book.

The thing I love about the Carnival of Monsters is it's a ground hog day.
But it was actually made before ground hog day. Fact.

"You're obsessed with that giant hand!" "Why don't you marry it!?!"
My favourite line in this whole thing.

In the original they didn't end up in a call centre.  :)

Phew! The end.

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Anonymous said...

I found this while googling about the episode and I'm happy I did, this made me laugh a lot! I love the time loop panels, the captain getting chomped every time and Jo's reaction to it, hilarious. The ending got bizarre though.

I love Carnival of Monsters with all its campyness, just a lot of fun and this comic was too, plus it's always interesting to see the process of other artists.

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