Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I want a lo-fi Blake's 7 re-boot

I'm such a massive nerd. So I made this...
It's not great. I got way to carried away with the cutting back and forth too much in one conversation. Gimme a break! It's my first time.

Like all massive nerds I was pleased to hear that Blake's 7 was going to get a re-boot. Such a good job had been done on BattleStar Galactica the time was right.
And then it didn't happen.

I still want my reboot though.

Back to the future 2 is set next year. I think Blade Runner is set 2017? Maybe? I think Clock Work Orange was set in the 80's or something. Though it's never said exactly when. When you watch that now it's obviously not the future. It looks and feels like a weird alternate present.

Why not do this with Blake's 7? Set it in a future that's never going to happen. We've gone off in a different direction now. These futures won't happen. Space 1999 didn't.

They're lost futures. The future of Alien won't happen, but look at this!


And now look at this! Click on the picture to see the excellent Formica Punk.

You can see in the pic there he's putting a tape into his phone so he can listen to music on it!!!!!

Let's do it! Let's make a lost future Blake's 7 that takes it's self way too seriously. (We could maybe tone down the Servalans dresses a bit.)  Keep the cool. Ditch the cheese. Have better effects.

Or better still don't re-boot Blakes 7. Leave that where it was, but do make something in a lost future. The nice thing about a lost future is it can't date. You can't get it wrong because it's wrong to begin with. 20, 30 years later people won't laugh at it, because everything was on purpose.
Image result for alien movie spaceship panel

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Richard Bensam said...

Thanks to you, for two days I've been daydreaming about a Space: 1999 set in the actual 1999. "Computer can't answer your question, Commander -- she only has a G3 processor!" "If only we'd been able to upgrade Moonbase Alpha to the Power Macintosh G4 before we were blown out of Earth orbit...but there just wasn't time!" Meanwhile, Sixpence None The Richer and Shania Twain play in the background...

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