Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Really Big TV

Oliver was not well equipped for this...

What was wrong with these people?
How could they live like this?
Why didn't they care?

It was Oliver's work too.
The bullshit was unbelievable.
The MD sat up there in his ivory tower all day and was never seen.
Not until after six. Then he'd come out and walk about the offices.
Those who were seen to be there moved on. It was that simple.
So many tended to do pretty much nothing during the day and only
really start after 5:30. The work was never checked or judged.
You just had to be there.

When his company had been bought out Matt thought it was a good thing.
More security in a larger company.
But 18 months later they shut it down and laid everyone off.
Matt couldn't under stand it. That's not how you grow a company is it?
But they didn't want to grow the company. They wanted to shut down
the competition then keep doing exactly what they were doing with
the same staff, but charge a lot more.


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