Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Living without Instagram

Let's face it. Instagram was awesome. It made hipster photographers out of us all. Suddenly taking a picture of your gingerbread latte didn't seem like a stupid thing to do.
You could slap a filter on it blur it a bit put a border round it, and hey presto!

It looked like your gingerbread latte was from 1977.

30 percent of photos taken using instagram were of gingerbread lattes.
Gingerbread lattes didn't exist in the 70's.

Now that Instagram have decided that they own all photos on instagram it's not quite as hip.

That's a great picture of a blue berry muffin. So good everyone on twitter would love to see it. But it's not your photo. It was your muffin. It went well with the latte. You owned the muffin and the phone you took the picture with. But it's not yours.

And neither are the pictures of your art or for that matter your kids.

So we need to learn how to get along without instagram.

Here's a pic of a Spleenal figure I made and a free happy meal thing.

Everything's auto focus these days so if you need to blur something you'll need a clear plastic lid or bag or something.

Nice. Bit dark but in a brightly lit Starbucks that would look lovely.

One nice thing Instagram used to do for us was really jack the colour up for that retro "We've just invented colour and we're gonna use it" vibe. For this we need a Sainsburys carrier bag. That's what you've been keeping them for.

Just stick it over the nearest light...

Aw yeah! Now we're talking!

Borders were another cool thing from Instagram. So here's me taking a shot though a square cut out of a piece of paper. Sweet.

This is nicer though. A hole in a bit of paper with rounded corners!

Now using some of those zigzag scissors... Like it!

 And now with a bag over the light with the plastic lid filter and a zigzag border.
Who needs instagram?

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Duncan bullimore said...

For the minute you can still use potatoshop of course. But soon you will have to rent that from the cloud. Then you will have to rent it by the hour. Then you will have to give them shares in anything you make in potatoshop. Then you will have to offer them your first born...

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