Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I write Dennis (the menace) and Gnasher for the Beano

If you haven't heard already from my twitter feed or from facebook or from walking past my house as I shout it out of the window.
I write Dennis and Gnasher for the Beano.

Writing is rewriting I believe Hemingway once said.

I'm finding writing is mostly crossing out.

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Peter Underhill said...

I was blocking out a novel because a literary agent asked me to deliver a YA story. I was just sketching out the tale and had got to 40,000 words. The rough story was about a third of the way in and I'd not even started the real 'crafting' of the book when I read that Jeffrey Archer had gone through fourteen re-writes of his most recent release. It was then that I thought "You know what, stuff this. I've got a living to earn'. Maybe when I'm old and retired, I could pick it up again.

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