Friday, August 3, 2012

Early experience of work

When I was at college, during the summer break I did some work on a building site. Labouring.
Everyday I'd be put with some one (a proper grown up) To help them out.
Mostly stuff like "get those bricks"

One grownup one day asked me to "go get a long stand for me off that bloke over there."
I knew this was a jolly work place jape. I'd go over there ask the guy for the stand, he'd say sure just wait there a minute. 20 minutes later i'd be asked if i'd enjoyed my long stand.

Ho ho ho.

So I said "Sorry, I know all about long stands, left handed hammers and tartan paint."

He said "Listen, you smart mouth little c**t. Go ask that fat c**t over there for a long stand or I'l kick the f**kin' shit out of you!"

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Anonymous said...

Nice series! I hope the pig makes more appearances.

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