Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fun with maths.

So far here in the UK £375 billion has been spent by this and the last government on Quantitative easing.

Feeling anything? Naw, me neither.

What's a billion for a start?

Well a million is a one with 6 zeros
and a billion is a one with nine zeros.

I'm still not feeling anything. Its all a bit abstract. If I had 20 million in the bank would my life be changed if I suddenly had 200 billion? Is it naive of me to say no?

I can imagine maybe as much as 50 grand. I think could imagine what 50 G would do for me. Above that I might as well be buying unicorns.

To properly get a grip on what a billion is you need to break it down.
The internet tells me that 62 million people live in the UK
You could share out a billion pounds by giving every man woman and child £16.12 each

The most recent bit of QE that was announced was £50 billion.
£16.12 X 50 = £806 for every man woman and child. So a family of 4 would get £3224

Like I said before the full amount so far is now £375 billion or £6045 each ( £24180 for that family of 4)

Starting to feel it yet?

One more thing on this... It could have been £6045 going to you, but where did that £6045 come from?

Well it came from you didn't it?

Ah, you're feeling it now aren't you.

Coming soon... Humm, I think I might do a kind of behind the scenes DVD extra type thing for Weak as I am, You know. With deleated scenes and making of. Stuff like that

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Malin Rydén said...

I am all for behind the scenes! Weak as I am is brilliant (and I did read through your entire archive). Your take on superheroes is by far the freshest I have seen in a long time, and your sense of pacing and drama is just getting better.

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