Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weak as I am. Part 1

Whoot! This got published by Blank Slate Books! So I've deleted parts 2 - 10 to force you into buying it!


Brian said...

Really enjoyed this, thanks dude.

Cockasaurus said...

Now this I really like!

Ovrad said...

Hooray a real story again! (not to sound like cynic but it had been a while...)

Keep 'em coming :)

MrGranger said...

Great comic! I would rather not have them all in a line but it's worth a little annoyance. Very nice.

Richard said...

Very late arrival here, sent by Kurt Busiek recommending the strip all these months later. I'm very glad I listened to him!

May I just say on a personal note, I recognized everything the doctor says about mitral valve prolapse, not to mention the whole thing of a patient hiding symptoms from the doctor. If anyone calls that aspect of the story unrealistic or fanciful, just point them my way and I'll fill them in. It wasn't something I ever expected to see depicted in this kind of context, so there were a couple of moments that made me squirm with uncomfortable recognition. But it was also very touching and ultimately made me feel a bit better about some things that were bothering me. So thanks for a great story!

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