Monday, October 11, 2010


Humm, Not the strongest cartoon to return to blogging with, but that's the least of our problems.
The Dandy think I'm great (been talking to my Mum obviously) If I do extra stuff for them I stand a good chance of paying off my overdraft inside of 15 months!

I remember 11 years ago having almost £1100 pounds in the bank, and that felt really good. The most money I'd ever had in my life. I remember joking that I was a Thousandaire, you know like millionaire.
Sorry, no one laughed then either.

Anyway, my period of having a plus in the bank lasted a few months. Banks were different back then so once that had gone, it was easy peasy to sort out a £500 quid overdraft then bump it up to a grand a while later once that was all used up, then get another overdraft on the other account, then get the first overdraft bumped up to 15 hundred. After that why not get an overdraft on a third account?

You get how it goes.

All I ever had to do was go over my limit, i'd get charges of between £30 to £70 quid. I'd go in and they'd suggest that I bump it up another 500.

Now I stand a chance of getting all the way back to zero.
Zero doesn't sound like a huge number, but it is. It's enormous. I've been trying to "save up" no pounds for more than a decade now.

So posts here are going to be very infrequent I think from now on.


Anonymous said...

Bittersweet... Good luck and thanks for what you've shared so far!

Anonymous said...

Bittersweet... Good luck and thanks for what you've shared so far!

gordon said...

good luck, hope you make a zeronaire...

Dave Shelton said...

Good luck, mister. And hope more lucrative opportunities than The Dandy present themselves before long. I know DC Thomson are not the most freehanded of employers...

Anonymous said...

If u make it to 0 drop into ur local bank , they will help u invest it ;)

Den said...

Not checked in for a while. Good work on The Dandy gig, very pleased for you.

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