Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not unlike comedy

I have an interest in comedy.
I like funny. Like watching it, listening to it, and yes I do try to write and draw it whenever I can.
Such is my interest in comedy I have looked into how it works.
There's a few things that tend to work...

Someone Else's misfortune. This can be made funnier if it's something bad happening to someone you ether hate, or some one you identify with. (He's like me, but his life's crapper than mine, which means I'm winning, and that's funny.)
A surprising thing happening.
A shift in perception (I thought that stuff was this way, but it turns out stuffs not like that at all!)
A true thing that you didn't realize was true.
Repetition. Ha ha, that was funny, oh it happened again ha ha, Oh look it's going to happen again, no wait it's happened a different way! what a surprising thing to happen Ha ha ha!
Best laid plans turning to crap.

So it struck me as similar to comedy when just as I've been going on about how inside of 15 months I might be able to pay off the various overdrafts I've acquired a gust of wind sends a load of rubble down my chimney!


Builders call it a "belly" when a wall relaxes or something and lets it all hang out. Look at the state of it! I can't believe it's some how still up!

Not unlike comedy. It just lacked good timing really...

Me standing in front of fire place punching the air."Ha Ha! I'm going to be free and clear yes! Suck on that huge debt!"
"What the hell's all this crap?"
"It's going to cost me how much?.. Oh for crying out loud!"

So for the time being at least it's looking like I won't be much worse or better off.
"Ha ha! whoop yeah! No worse or better off! Yeah! stuff's the same! Whoop!"


Tom Kidd said...

Oh good your life sucks too . . . I mean, I'm sorry hear that. It seems to gives you the same aggravation it gives me. Commiseration is felt and thanks for the laughs.

The vain pursuit of minor fortunes, of a sense of security and of creative satiation has spun around and put me right back where I was before. Limbo.

Oh lordy, I've read some more going back a few posts. I hope things have gotten better. Your book "Spleenal" seems to be in short supply but I'm hunting up a copy. Amazon has one for the moment. Let see if I can get it. I look forward to seeing your work on paper.

Patrick Caza said...

He's like me, but his life's crapper than mine
I'm winning !

Dave said...

Yeah, they say nature abhors a vacuum, but a non-anemic bank account really pisses it off. I just had to have my whole roof replaced, which I'd been saving up for, but cost me an extra couple thousand $ due to carpentry issues that were exposed. Day after - had to max out the credit card with a $1400 truck repair.

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