Sunday, March 7, 2010


Pissed off?

Well yes I am a bit. Not sure why.

Is it the Iraq thing?

No, I'm over that I think. 100's of thousands dead. Billions pissed away for nothing really, but it's kinda old news now, even if people are still dieing out there.
Is it Afghanistan then?

(Sigh) No I guess we sort of had to do that. There were training camps out there, and the Taliban weren't gonna do anything... so... well there you go. We'll be out of there in a year or two anyway.

What? You think other wise?
Well it's just that there's places in Afghanistan that have never had any sort of Government or law or anything.
The roman empire couldn't manage it. Nether could Genghis Khan. The Russians tried for a decade, failed, and it bankrupted them.
Oh that's great that is!

Is it the MP's expenses scandal then?
Well yes I am pissed off with that, 'cause everyone was doing it, from every party. They're all dishonest, they've also spent 6million setting up the authority to get back one million, so they're also idiots too. But it doesn't feel like a big enough thing to be pissed off about after Iraq.
The rain forests are a pretty big thing. The lungs off the world and all that. Is it that?

Well no, they've always been destroying the rain forest. I'm bored of it now. Anyway it's better than it used to be because everyone's getting their wood from sustainable forests now.

Yeah it's getting destroyed for far more ironic reasons now.

Well yeah. They're chopping down the rain forest to grow maize, and sugar cane to make Bio-fuels. Cutting down the lungs of the world to make a cleaner fuel.

Oh for fucks sake! Fuckin' stupid assholes!!!
There's more irony too. The forests were cut down to make room for pasture ground for cows for burgers, now they're cutting them down so they can grow the stuff for vegetable oil for healthy option vegetarian foods. Vegetarians are partly responsible for one rain forest species going extinct every 2 minutes 33 seconds.

What!!! They're doing it on purpose! Making it so that if you want to make things better you'll make it worse! I think that maybe some times I'm depressed as a nice "holiday" from being so pissed off!


Dave said...

hey wow i just finished reading this entire blog- I read one linked post (project waldo) and decided i wanted to see every last scrap so went to the beginning. That was a good couple of weeks ago now.
You have made me spit food over my laptop laughing
You deserve lots of kudos and congratulations for your perseverance and dedication. So well done! you have fascinated me with your honest and kinky view of the world. I can see that deeper stuff (synthasismism??) developing into some rich writing later, as long as you don't finally crack and we lose you to the nuthouse.
Love you spleenal, thanks- will be searching your blog at the direst times for some sunshine

Ash Collins said...

"lungs of the world"
as far as i understand, rainforests are responsible for a tiny percentage of global oxygen production, the majority coming from sea algae (green or blue? or both? cant recall)

spleenal said...

That's excellent news!
Where's my chainsaw? I'm off to Brazil!

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