Thursday, November 12, 2009

spleenal in wonderland

What a ball ache.
I uploaded this to youtube and the thing was dead jumpy and in cut the start and end off. Is that 'cause It's quicktime and they don't wnat to play with quicktime?
So then I upload it to Flickr, but that cuts the end off be cause it was over 90 seconds!
So I had to speed it up a bit more than I would have liked. As it is I just squeaked it.

So watch this with your finger hovering over the pause button.

I uploaded it to vimeo to0 see if it would be better. The colours are all whack on that version and it's a bit jumpy too.


elece said...

Before the 3D part, I can imagine a parallel universe where the Lumière Bros. invented "animated cartoons" in this way. Nice!

You can export from QT to .avi for happy Youtubing.

Terry said...

Enjoyed it.

and my word verification is "supple".

Dm said...

Youve got the "Heroes" website beat!


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