Sunday, August 16, 2009


I feel as though my recent malaise is over.
I've started sketching/writing out more stuff.
Tenish pages actually.
Strangely there is almost no comedy there yet, but it feels fine. There's a plotty thing with a couple of turns, and a nice pace. It feels as though if I tried to shoehorn some jokes in they would feel shoehorned in.
Also it feels like it might be coming to an end. (the Cumly Bay thing) If I were to view it as the story of Arthur then it's probably got another 30 or 40 pages in it. I'm thinking I might try and get it all done before putting it up there.

It's been weird making it up as I go along.

Oh and the book might be out in about a month.


Alex said...

the bay is ending? noooooooo.

spleeness said...

A month?? woo hoo!!

Leigh Russell said...

Sometimes it's best just to take a short break from the creativity - but not for too long, please. It can help. I'm glad you're getting going again.
Oh and glad to hear about the book plan. Good for you. Best to keep going and be brave. It's the only way.
My book has been doing well so far. The publisher has just reprinted, which is great. Now I'm sitting here watching it slip down the amazon ratings . . . but tomorrow's another day . . .

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