Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More kids stuff

Ah yes. More shameless padding from me.
As recently I've been rushed off my feet with this and that, having to do stuff that's not drawing.

A lot of Sunday was spent up a very long ladder absolutely crapping myself because I don't have the money to pay anyone to fix the bathroom roof. Then there was that other thing, and that other, other thing. All stuff way too boring to talk about really.

I'm lucky that the day job isn't one of those jobs that I can complain about. It doesn't make for a good blog... "I did this, it was nice. Then I did this, which was also nice" Yawn.
It doesn't make for a very good source for material either. No one wants to read anything about a bald guy who likes his job. Not exactly comedy gold.

Mostly the day job consists of cutting either wood or chemi-wood, doing something on the lathe, milling something on the milling machine, then spending the rest of the day trying to fix the mess I made of things (thank god for car body filler).

One day a week I get to draw and colour in though!

The bogies wasn't my idea. Little green characters made out of snot. Which is why I don't mention it much on this blog. It's not my thing so going on about a lot it doesn't feel right. A bit like taking credit for something you didn't do.

Well anyway here's a peek. Click the pics for a better looks.

The bogies are T-shirts, and key rings, and stationary sets as well as regular strip in the Dandy so about a tenth of the strip is an Ad, but I'm pretty much left to my own devices for the other nine tenths.

I don't really know if I'm doing it right. It's meant to be snot so maybe the green stuff should be splattered, and squirting around and from every panel. I can't really write that though. I do try to get a splat into each strip (never managed it in this one) The comedy is based mainly on anti-climax and repetition.
That is to say plans never quite work out, and they keep making the same mistakes three times in a row. (the third mistake requiring a twist of some sort).

Humm, I know exactly what I'm doing with my own personal work. It's basically what ever the hell I want to do. Some times it doesn't even have to be funny. It my thing I'll do what I want.

As for this particular slice of the day job I'm a little less sure of my self.

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tux said...

Hi Spleenal:
It has been some time since I've been able to visit. (Insert long story here). I am compelled to comment because the best part of your whole thing is, and I quote:
"It's basically what ever the hell I want to do. Some times it doesn't even have to be funny. It my thing I'll do what I want."
Thanks for the trip so far.
I hope to be back soon, but thanks for all you've done so far...

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