Friday, November 14, 2008

Han and Chewy


IBerg said...

I never understood why Chewy had a cross-bow that shot lazers. What is the point of the bow in front?

Max said...

@iberg: Cos it's frickin' cooler that way! Duh, right?

Alternately, if you really want to nerd out about it, here's the True Scientific Explanation*:

"A bowcaster is essentially a magnetic accelerator with twin polarizers. Alternating polarity pulses travel along a metal bowstring, which in turn launches an explosive quarrel at extremely high speed. The quarrel is enveloped in energy that channels its explosive force directly into the target. Thus, the bowcaster is an incredibly deadly weapon. However, tremendous strength is required to cock the weapon and load a quarrel from the ammo cartridge."

*True Scientific Explanation may not contain any actual science.

spleenal said...

what he said

soulbrew said...

That's not Han Solo, that's Mark E Smith!

Anonymous said...

Nice. Chewie looks simultaneously dorky, yet cool... I like his lil' fangs.

IBerg said...


Thanks for the explanation, check another off the list of unanswered questions I have.

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