Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who likes short shorts?

I've added a new label everyone! this one's called "shorts" and can be seen at the bottom of the post.
Click that and you can enjoy only the short little toons I do.

Hey well there's me complaining that nothing ever happens to me, and then the next day the company I work for goes bust and we're all out of a job!

Careful what you wish for eh?
You haven't got a job for me have you?


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Oh no! Good luck finding a new job. Liking the 'shorts' though...even if I was expecting kylie style gold hotpants! heehee

Rob Hopcott said...

Sorry to hear about the job :-(

Never mind, you can be a proper writer now ie. poor...

Ah well ... That's got me banned from another blog :-)

Pity, the cartoons were really quite good.

(exeunt - door slams ... Ouch!)

Ian Mayor said...


I have been there, twice, myself, but never with a family to think about.

Good luck man.

No one Special said...

Sorry about your job.
Best of luck finding what you need.

Your cartoons are great.!!
Just recently linked back from your comment on one of my "secret" blogs.

dan- said...

Every silver lining has a cloud,why do we hate going to work then hate losing a job.hate going to school then hate getting suspended.
Think of it as a holiday with no money + a healthy spattering of guilt...

Anonymous said...

I've given you blog love here:

Gutted about your job situation.

I like short shorts.

Jamie C said...

Bad crack about the job Mr Spleenal.


Steve Talkowski said...

Look on the bright side, now you have time to develop your characters into merchandise! ;)

Cheer up Mate, things always have a way of working themselves out for us creative types.

spleeness said...

Hope they give you a good severance package or something to tide you over. Maybe 5 years from now you'll look back and see that this was a good oppty to dive into what you love.

BTW what does "get stuck in it" mean? Is that like saying "Get to it"?

R.Dress said...

Welcome to my world.

Arwen Taylor said...

Oh, sorry to hear about the job. The good part is that since it wasn't your fault you could probably collect unemployment. Free money. At least for twenty six weeks. I propose looking at some way to start your own business. Less chance of suddenly losing your job that way.

Great cartoons. You really hit the nail on the head with the fast food one :)

Miz K said...

Great cartoons - the builders vs sewer workers really cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

No job? That sucks. The best we (my roommate and I) can offer is 'manservant'. You'll have to come to Green Bay and clean our room...we can pay you in booze and ramen!
No? Well...
Happy Hunting!

Reluctant Kerry said...

Don't you find that financial setbacks always happen right before you contemplate an incredibly cool purchase -- you were thinking about buying that Yaloes diamond-encrusted 40 inch LCD TV weren't you?

Same thing happend to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm saddened to hear of your bad luck. You're one of the most talented comic artists out there, and far too underapprciated. I hope you make it big in the art world some day and become rich like those Penny Arcade twats!

Aarti said...

Sorry to hear about your job. You're really talented, so i'm sure you'll land on your feet again. 'Til then.. all the best.

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