Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Vertex television set.

There's a shop in the high street that sells cheap crap that no one really wants, but at the back next to all the crazy frog stationary they had canvases for 99p. So I thought "what the hell, I'll give it ago"

I got some acrylic paints too while I was there. (£1:69)
I've never painted on a canvas before or used acrylics ether, so I started out using them like water colours.
I penciled what I had in my head on to the canvas then put some colour washes on. At the time I was a bit worried about losing the pencil lines and there fore losing my way.

It's at this point I'm thinking that it doesn't look like whats in my head, and it never will with out some proper deeper colours on. So I started banging on the paint undiluted.
It turnes out that I'm crap at mixing colours though. Its no right so I add some of this, then some of that. Thats too dark so some white goes in, but I used too much ect. So I'm ending up with loads of this colour for just a little bit.

The idea in my head was to do a weird retro style TV with something natural in it. People paint trees. I thought it would be interesting to ask "What if the only trees left to paint were on TV?" Which is also why it's like a cross between a television and a specimen jar. The important thing for me is getting a good glow. (like off a TV in a dark room).

The glow above is crap. But I'm finding mixing paint is a lot easier when you actually do it on the canvas. So I am learning something I guess.

So as you can see in the picture above I painted over the crap glow with another crap glow.
The cartoonist in me is making me paint the glow in a really dodgy radioactive rays style (dick head)
Time to paint over it again.

Third time's a charm! I actually ended up squeezing the tubes out on to the canvas. For a moment I felt like an actual artist or something.
So there it is. Weird tree in/on a weirder TV.
It's about the enviroment.

The last picture will get slightly bigger if you click on it.


Ana Banana said...

Spleenal! THis is GREAT! EAch one, too! and this is the first time?!


I love the progress...each state is quite good. You sure aren't afraid to take risks when painting. You have a natural ability it seems, especially because acrylic, in my opinion, is a difficult medium. You might try oil paint, too, if you haven't all ready, the slow drying time allows for more experimentation.

butterfly said...

For all of your described troubles, it came out really great!

Don't feel bad -- acrylics are notoriously harder to work with than say, oils -- they are much stickier and are harder to keep "moving." Also, if you add too much water, they will lose their binding ability and potentially peel off the canvas. If you continue with them, invest in some acrylic mediums (like thinners, but they can also add textures, glazing, crackling, thinning properties, etc.)

Or, switch to oils --- they move veryyyyy smoothly and they take longer to dry which means you have more time to play without fear of dry-out. Plus, even when they dry, you can still wake them up again with linseed oil (or poppy oil.) Or even backtrack by removing some paint with alcohol. Actually, you might check out this guy's link to the video lessons he did on Oil painting -- very good demos and advice.

Cheers and happy painting! ;-) sorry so long....V

&Rew said...

really nice man - your traditional has allot of life in it. it's nice to see your many talents bubble up in these posts.


donnachada said...

I've been looking at my tubes of acrylics for a couple of years now. They scare me. Thanks for the visit and the nice words. In case you never read a reply to a comment you made, I'll leave it here too. You last post is the funniest post I've seen for a while. Genius. Glad you dropped by.

ThanKwee-Anajo said...
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ThanKwee-Anajo said...
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kelseXy said...

WOW you have skills!

Chickengirl said...

I love this vertex tv set. Would love to own one! Thanks for sharing the process.

Shannon said...

Dig it!

shou' said...

Ooo. What a cool-looking piece~

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