Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My new car

Sorry I havn't blogged for a while but i've got myself a new car, and i've been ragging the bastard around none stop.
It's orange and fast as fuck. It's got a big number one on it, but it doesnt have any engine or breaks.
I got a book and packed up one end with videos to make a ramp, and managed to jump the fucker over postman pats van and an ambulance! horray for me!
When I landed I did come flying out though (because it's not got no seatbelts either!) and went sliding under the TV.
I lay there for a while thinking about what i'd just done. The terrible, awful risk i'd just taken and thought to my self "What would happen to my wife and kids if anything happened to me?" Then I thought fuck that! who wants a dad that's too pussy to jump an ambulance?


Anonymous said...

I agree. No son wants to know that his dad is a wimpy .wimp

Can your car take you into space?

Could it get you from the fridge to the VCR in less than twelve parsecs?

spleenal said...

a friend of mine once told me that a persec is actually a unit of distance, not time.
I havn't spoken to him since.

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