Sunday, March 25, 2007

the bottom

It's been over two days now, and I still havn't havn't hit dry land. We were either further out than I thought or my compass in damaged in some way. I doubt anyone has ever ran the rebreathers this long on one of these things.

Day ffour. I'm in trrouble. Takin on wareter.itsa freeezihngs the keybaioords under wareeter. cant feel my fffinfgers. the beratherss failing airs badd if i dontttttttt find land soon im don fr

thiisd is ittrhe end can tgo on any lojng ert jo ana i love yo
oh hold on lands jjuust over there, cool!

This was coloured in using "photostudio 5" can you tell?
I was on my way home when the image of a little iron dumb bell type thing walking along the bottom of the sea. This came from a couple of different places. I've been reading BPRD. And Leonie o moore's walking along the bottom of the sea epic graphic novel. (yet to find a publisher)

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