Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I think the biggest problem facing this country is a lack of affordable and social housing.
Margaret Thatcher brought in the right to buy in the 80s
which meant a council tenant could buy the house they were living in if they wanted.

A good thing.

Then all the money made from that was not spent on making new houses for the next generation.

A bad thing. A very bad thing.

Anyhow. When I first moved out I didn't need a big house. I just needed a bed and a telly...

Ok, ok. And maybe a bath or shower and a kitchen. It's just me. What do I need more for?

Modular housing is an old idea.
Really old and perfect for cheap housing and largely not tried or used any where.
If some young kid living in the three boxes above meets someone else,
that other person could move in with the addition of some more boxes...

And if they have a couple of kids then they'll need a few more boxes.
When a kid moves out, the bedroom could be taken off and stuck on a house that needs a new bedroom.
Or if the family move, the house could shrink back to two floors, ready for the next young couple.
If they split up it could even go back to it's original size.

If you're living in a council house the money you pay in rent goes back to the council.
Back in the system.
The money goes round and round.
If you're living in private accommodation, lose your job or find your self in a low wage job (It's crazy how low the minimum wage is.)
The housing benefit just goes away. Disappears into the landlords bank account.

If your house is made out of boxes don't hide that fact.

Building is pricey. It's out side. Dependant on weather a lot of the time.
Each new build is in a new place.
But if you could factoryize (not a real word) 90 percent of the build you could really get some costs down.

Here is an article on a millionaire landlord and his poor tenant who pays £215 a week for a small house dripping with damp.
That's £11180 a year.

Here is an article on how a modular house can cost £30000.
So a modular house can pay for it's self inside 3 years...
Within one term of government.

Within one term of government!

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