Sunday, January 19, 2014

The actual, factual, reason why people end up on benefits for years.

This cartoon is based on first hand knowledge.

When I left college I thought that I'd done the further education thing so I should get or deserved a good job. That's what I'd been told. "Get an education, get a better job." End of.

Worst mistake in my life.

I held out for 3 months for something decent but couldn't get anything.
The main reason given being I didn't have the experience.

After 6 months, by which time I was applying for anything, I was put on a back to work program.

We were a group of eight. We had to go to an office one day a week to be told how to look for work and talk about what we might be doing wrong.

One of our group was a middle aged man. During one of our group discussions on where we might be going wrong he said this...

"I was in middle management. The company wasn't doing so well so we had to lay off quite a few guys. A lot of guys.
That was hard work.
Once I'd done that they made me redundant.
Now I'm remembering what we used to do back when we were taking people on.

We'd get at least a 100 CV's in.
No one had the time to go though them all so we'd quickly scan though to find anyone unemployed.
Those CV's would go in the bin straight away.
That would get rid of more than half. Then we'd bin anyone who wasn't qualified, or was too qualified because if your too qualified you'll not stay long.
Then it was just a matter of picking Ten out of what's left.

Once you got down to interviews they usually were all pretty much the same. Any of them could do it really.
So you fall back on any reason.
It would be things like...
"He was a bit sweaty"
"Not him. What was that tie doing?"
We once rejected a guy because someone said they didn't like his hand shake.

So now I'm on the other side of that."

And it was clear that he wasn't doing well. You had to be on the dole for at least 6 months to be on the course.

It was a light bulb moment for me. It explained the countless rejected and ignored CV's.

I've worked now for that last 20 years. I've been made redundant a couple of times. It's always a scary time because I know for a fact that if I don't get a job again inside of a matter of weeks I may never work again.

The thing to take from this is this...
If you find yourself without a job.
Your chances of getting a job are close to zero.

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