Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thanks Moonmilk!

Moonmilk's on Metafilter
So this is just for Metafilter folk.

Thanks Moonmilk.
And thanks for the kind words everyone :)

A couple of answers that do contain spoilers so careful if you haven't read Weak as I am yet.

I have mild dyslexia I do my best with spelling. But there's just some I can't see. Dyslexia doesn't hold you back as much as it used to because every thing's typed. (Apart from comic books drawn on the train) For "work" My editors fix all that. That's what they're for. :)

Mr Encyclopedia
I can see how missing out bits of bodies might be jarring. Earlier stories have women with no arms at all! And they only have floating hands when they need to point or hold something. (I had to give them all hands and arms for this story because they need them for that whole hand in heart thing). Sorry, but it's how I roll. If a guy doesn't need fingers then he won't have fingers. I know it's wrong :)

Monkey Maddness
Yes the guy in the bed is no-one any one knows. I was trying to do a good super hero story but break all the cliches. So the hero is a coward and needs no revenge. Heros often run away. Bad guys help.
Most "bad guys" aren't evil, just a bit amoral. The secret bad guy turns out to be no one anyone's heard of. The final epic battle is a guy turning a switch off. And the final reveal thing where the James bond baddie tells the good guy the whole plan... well that bit's chopped out.

Yes it annoys me how often I do tongues lolling out of mouths. Just like the spelling I don't know I'm doing it! I think it looks good but I use it too much.

There will be other stories probably. I keep trying to give up but never manage it.


Anonymous said...

Found out about "Weak As I Am" from the Metafilter post. It was AMAZING. Most gripping superhero comic I've read in a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

I found about the comic through Metafilter too. I really liked they way they found out about what was really going on. I loved the thrill and the danger and the mystery. And how the whole thing is a more realistic take on superheroes.

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