Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Megg so far

Aw yeah! This is a video of me maxing and relaxing on the bed (Yes that is a Cath Kidston duvet cover. Well spotted.) Flicking through my awesome book, Megg.

As you may notice, I'm drawing it on A4 landscape.
Yeah, I know whu?
It's simple really. For the last few months I've been working something like a 60 hour week in an effort to some day break even. So I've been keeping my stuff mobile.
A4 fits in my lego bag which means I can draw anywhere I get the chance. Like in the car or on the bus.
Which is why a while ago one of my incredibly insightful posts about politics degenerated into a rant about how crappy our roads are.

Also and as well look at the top of the blog above the title. The first twenty six pages in a preview type thing. Check that out 'cos you can flick through it a bit like a comic but on your computer telly!



Alex said...

no, it cant be, you don´t have that voice. spleenal has a much nosey voice in my head, more like a male version of the nanny.

spleenal said...

Yeah that's true.
That deeply sensual voice you heard was an actor.
I sound like the squeaky voiced teen off the Simpsons.

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