Friday, January 14, 2011


Finishing a book is always nice.
Filling it all up with one thing is really nice. Really gives a guy a warm fuzzy feeling. This one is full of "Megg"
Thanks Hergé Smith for the book.

I took these pic with the camera thing on the laptop, and it's doing it all backwards for some reason?

Anyway. Whatever.
So the book was a gift. I wouldn't buy myself a ring bound book just because the not bound option is cheaper, but it's really nice. The ring boundyness of it means it folds or flips back which keeps it all flat when scribbling away, And the flat thing is great when scanning. You don't need to squash the book down.

Another backwards picture of what I'm doing.

Like I said before, It's been penciled in for publication so, er, well that means I got nothin' for the blog. (Huge hole in your life, I know)
I'm blogging this now at 3:30am because my arthritis is being annoying.

Well anyway the last Spleenal book was drawn A4 using the watchmen style 3x3 9 panel grid.
This is being drawn on A4 but landscape so when you stick two together you get A3 portrait this gives me a 3x4 grid. More boxes on the finished page. More detail too, what with it being drawn bigger. It's taking longer, but...

Here's the thing, When I became a Dad it properly did my head in, and I didn't draw anything for more than five years.
So when I came out the other side and started drawing again I drew fast. Really fast. To catch up, or something. Stuff wasn't as well drawn as it could have been, but that didn't matter. What mattered was that I was doing something again.

I feel caught up now.

And I think the painkillers are starting to work. So I'm going back to bed.


Joe said...

Good to hear from you again. Sounds like your 2011 is off to a good start!

Eran said...

What I don't get is why you wouldn't put teasers and parts of the story on the blog, instead of saving it all for the book.
I bought 2 copies of the first book despite knowing I've seen the vast majority of the content online. I was actually seeking out this book because I was getting constant reminders of the good stuff that's going to be in it. All that because of that blog.

Now this blog is updated less frequently and I, personally, know I'll more likely to forget there's a book coming out (not to mention not seeking it out).

To me it sounds like you have the perfect platform for building a tribe Seth Godin always mentions - think about new readers coming to your blog - all they see is a product placement page for your book. Make them see how good your work is.

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