Monday, December 13, 2010

Spleenal book 2!

Aw yeah!
It seems that Spleenal the book will one day be Slpeenal book one.
So I'm happy! (best not try to write any comedy today then)
Those wonderful people at Blank slate books feel like making the same mistake twice.
This is a good news/bad news thing. The bad news being that there'll be no more parts to the Megg story.
Linky bit for start of Megg.
That's because that's mostly what the next book will be, and well the hope is that if you haven't read it here for free you'll have to buy the bloomin' thing. I know, I know. You would buy it, I'm talking about that other dude. Not you.

So this blog changes again I guess.
At the start it was because I'd given up. Jacked it in. Stopped trying.
If it was badly drawn I didn't care, scanned it anyway.
If the scan was all blurred and crappy, post it anyway.

Somewhere along the way it changed a few times and now it will be one of those blogs about how and why I'm doing this and that and not the thing it's self.
At least until Megg's finished.


IBerg said...

Cant wait to buy it.

Carnalis said...

congratulations, and a merry christmas

Anonymous said...

thank god..will definitely buy it :P
please tell us it's gonna look pretty next to book one...
like the same size and a hardcover A3 book would seem odd...

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