Wednesday, July 21, 2010

sneek peek

I'm actually posting this during my lunch break at work, 'cos I'm a bit excited. (calm down, calm down)
I drew this last night,half the first page of the next big long one.

This drawn A4 landscape, when I draw the other half the two halves will be stuck together to look like a normal page.
This is the width the pages will be though.
I'm going to spend a little longer on the drawing than I usually do. (4minutes rather than 3 :) So it's going to come through to the blog slower. It's the new speed of stuff from now on!
The birth of my first son did me in a little bit, and I didn't draw anything (not anything, not a single thing. Not one solitary page) for five years. So when I started drawing again I piled into it as fast as I could. A lot of stuff badly drawn, most of it badly spelt, Well anyway I'm going to have a go at getting a grip instead.
Also I'm thinking of colouring this in manga comic style.
By that I mean, first few pages full colour then a bunch of black and white pages, then a few colour one etc.

You'll stick with me won't you? If it doesn't come as thick and fast as in the past. I'm making no promises on spelling, but the artwork should be better.


IBerg said...

Absolutely I'll stick with you! The art looks great! I hope the storyline is as good as your previous work. With art like that and witty writing, you cant go wrong.

F! said...

You have my sword!

The manga thing threw me for a second. I thought you might be going for a grey toned or zip-a-toned look, which now that I think about it, would be pretty interesting to see.

Anonymous said...

We'll stick, we'll stick! Hurry up and draw!

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