Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Batman failure

So there's this guy called Nate Simpson who is or was a concept designer, but he decided to have a go at doing a comic, and also do a blog on his efforts called project Waldo.


Mainly because some of us have been "having a go" for 20 years, and this guy's making what looks like a truly awesome comic on his first go.
Can't stay mad at the guy though, not when you're looking at stuff like this.

Which got me remembering my Batman story, that I tried to do a couple of months ago.
I tried my best, but the truth is I'm not good enough at drawing. In that style at least.

Now DC at the minute at least are saying they don't take unsolicited artwork or writing submissions, but I had the idea for a story, so thought, "Funk it, I'll do it, stick it on the blog, and if DC gets wind of it then they'll either tell me to take it off or they'll like it.

Well anyway I started but I couldn't draw it good enough...

This was the story, Stop reading now if you're not into Batman.

It's called The chain.

atman narrates it as usual, he tells the story of the stock market crash, the banking crisis blah, blah. Bruce was too busy fighting two face to notice that Wayne industries was in deep shit.
Wayne industries goes under. Thousands are put out of work. The damage to the city is worse than anything two face, the Joker or any the others managed to do.
Bruce being Bruce throws away his personal fortune to minimise the damage, he even sells Wayne manor. The bat mobile was crashed into the river chasing after the penguin. Bruce hasn't got the money to pull it out. He hasn't even got the money to fuel up the wing.
All this is out of the way in the first couple of pages as a "voice over" to Batman looking out over a cold, wet city.

He spots a girl getting mugged and wades in.
It quickly becomes apparent that he's old and out of shape. It's a bit like the dark knight returns. The bad guy starts laughing instead of being frightened has he been infected by a form of smilex? He gets the upper hand and Batman is nearly killed but the girl hits the bad guy with a lump of wood.
She asks him if he's crazy. He says that some think so.

More narration... Batman says that crime forms in chains, it's pointless to break the first link, you need to climb the chain get to the top. get to the start of it. The girl was "working" but why on such a cold and wet night? he follows her, her walking the street Batman leaping across roof tops in that way he does. (Only it's really hard for him, and he almost kills himself.)
He follows her to her apartment she's "working" for her boyfriend. He needs more "stuff"
Once she's gone Batman smashes in though the window to put the frighteners on him. The guy can't seem to get past the fact that it's actually batman in his home.
Batman leaves, but follows the guy when he leaves.
Batman Climbs the "chain" the guy goes to his street corner dealer.
Batman does the Batman thing and gets the address of his supplier he "sees" them and gets their suppliers name, someone up town.

On the way up Batman remembers the night his parents were killed. It's all very "year one" they leave the cinema, the alley, the bad guy. The pearls, the gun goes off. Bruce and his mother are killed... No wait that's wrong. He's starting to lose it.

Batman breaks into Mr bigs apartment, and he kicks batman's ass. He's just about to pass out when loads of cops pile in.
The lead cop says she wants to see who screwed up her stake out. She pulls off his mask and one off the cops says "Jesus! It's Bruce Wayne!" They all laugh. The joke is lost on Bruce.

At the police station a cop interrogates Bruce.
"What makes a guy want to put a mask on and run around at night fighting crime?"
Maybe a bad experience as a child?

Then the cop opens up a file and slides a copy of Batman year one across the table.

"Or maybe there's this guy, who's real nice and average and boring. Married with a kid. He's still into his comic books, but apart from that he's an okay guy. But then one night a crazy guy kills his wife and son. The papers call the guy a laughing maniac. It nearly fits. It's close enough. The guy's not strong enough to deal with what's just happened so he becomes someone who is strong enough to deal with it."

They send him to an institute, but "Bruce" doesn't want to go to "Arkham" so escapes the ambulance. He's still got a lot of work to do...

Yeah well anyway. Like I said I'm a bit crap at drawing so it never happened.


Ash Collins said...

tis a good story. but ive seen one similar in a batman graph...

its a story where bruce wayne goes a bit mad after his parents get killed, and he invents this batman character, and alfred humours him and gets people to dress up as pretend villains, ie the riddler, the penguin etc. eventually alfred goes and gets his old clown makeup and becomes the joker.... i forget how it ends. but yours is a proper rounder story, not like an "alternate universe" short kinda thing.

IBerg said...

I kind of like the Batman story, but I really like the book I got in the mail yesterday. Congratulations on getting it published. I only made it through the first story, but it was outstanding!

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