Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oo, look what landed on the matt yesterday!

It looks a lot like The Spleenal book!
It took a while, but it was well the worth the wait.
Mmmmm yummy!

I must have done it 'cos it's got my picture in the back. That's no reason not to buy it though.

And hey look how fat it is. There's quite literally loads of pages in it. Phat!

And here's a sneak peek inside at a couple of the exclusive new pages inside, looks like it might be something to do with Spleenal's school years?
Thank you Blankslate!
While I'm at it, thank you Peter Pavement from Slab of concrete who published my early stuff (Dole Scum, Bunny Girl and Pigboy.)
And also Leonie OMoore, and Andy Smith from there goes Tokyo for publishing "Gone" (They might have a couple of copies left.)
Oh and my Wife because, well, she's actually the funny one!

As I mentioned earlier the book has a bunch of new pages exclusive to the book. A story about when Spleenal was a little kid. A story about when Spleenal was about 15 and a story about when he was a student.
Three pivotal days that go towards explaining why he's the way he is. (You know, with girls and that.)
Every page is re-coloured too. I only had crappy low rez copies on my computer (for the blog) so had to pile through every page and re-do them all at a higher rez, while I did that I also took the opportunity to do a better job.



Lyndse said...

If I buy one, will you sign it for me? :)

Anonymous said...

The fools, they laughed at you, but who's laughing now, bwaa haaa haaaa!

I shall try and buy one at Thought Bubble in Leeds (Blank Slate were there last year), since the website hasn't realised the book is out yet...

Kenny Penman said...

Hi Syrtis - the book isn't actually out yet. This is an advance hot off the press before shipping of the large quantity. There will also be a hardcover only available via the Blank Slate website - which has a special signed plate by Nigel and is limited to 300 copies. The book should be with us on or around 26th and in some shops that week.

KeithAlanK said...

Must feel good to get published like this!

Anonymous said...

F*ck yes. Good skills, Sir, bravo.

IBerg said...

Please, please, please tell us how to got our hands on the signed hardcover! Post a link, something, you cant tease me like that, it isn't fair!

spleenal said...

Hold your horses guys, I failed to mention that mine is an early copy. All good things come to those who wait.

Terry said...

Looking forward to getting a copy.

spleeness said...

When can I get one???

Garen Ewing said...

Woo! Got my advance copy - it's excellent, congratulations.

Anonymous said...

*pout* how did he ^ get one? ;)

Anonymous said...

As threatened, I got mine at Leeds - quality item! And yes, Blank Slate were giving away copies of Mawil's "we can still be friends" last year - the crazy fools! (Also picked up another of theirs, "Sparky O'Hare"). Maybe they'd be interested in mine when it's eventually done? It's not quite as naughty as Spleenal, but will have bums and swearies in it...

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