Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yellow and red make orange

t’s true to say that most things that live and breathe, in this world. Whether they walk or crawl. Swim or fly are named. Named by man. Because to name a thing is the first step to gaining a power over it.
It’s for this reason that those things in this world that do not live, and breathe, yet still walk or crawl, swim or fly prefer to go unnamed…

I go unnamed.

We mostly avoid people. The bad things. Those things that feed on, and off of humans. We hide. As if we weren’t the thing to be feared. As if it were the humans that are the monsters not us.

Me I like people. I like being amongst them, (well the females at least.) Yes I’ve had to kill some people, but mostly I find I enjoy them. How could I not? They are my food after all.
I met her in this club in town I like to go to sometimes. A below street level dive. After going though the doors there’s a long decent down a staircase to get to the bar and dance floor. It’s a dark place.
I suppose it is a bit like a cave. Like those places those other things like me hide themselves away in.

I’m not like them though. I’m unique for a start. A part of no species, I came into the world fully formed looking the way I do now, complete with a knowledge of myself and of the world. It took me less than a minute to kill three of the four there, in that place. I left one alive to…
Wait. I’m wandering off track a little. I was talking about her…

I’d found a dumb blonde at the bar, and was having fun playing with my food.
I made a joke. A weak and feeble joke, but I made it strong in her mind. She laughed, and I moved a little closer. I “guessed” her favourite drink, and as she put it to her lips, I gave her the idea to down it all in one.
She put the glass down on the bar shocked at what she had just done. “That really is your favourite drink.” I said making the words hilarious to her. She glowed red to my Synesthetic sight.


The colour of arousal.
She laughed again. I made her feel a little dizzy, and she put her hand out to my shoulder to stop her falling off the stool. I put my hand on her knee, and sent a little tingle to her clit.
The physical contact made it possible for me to delve a little deeper into her mind. Boy she really was dumb.

I like them dumb.

I found her first time. Unusually it was great, almost perfect, the boy was almost as inexperienced as her, but they’d fitted together well, and she was a natural. In fact it was the only thing she had a talent for. I brought the memory to the surface and made her imagine me there instead of the boy. “Yes.” She thought. “I’m going to screw him.” It was wholly her thought.
She was wet now. I made her clit tingle a little more as I said something forgettable to her, but made it seem funny, and suggestive in her mind. She got a little wetter all on her own. I rooted around in her memories like a pervert might root around a knickers drawer.
The sex in the park that time.
The time she took one to meet her parents, and ended up screwing him in her old bedroom under the posters of pop stars that had long since left the charts.
The guy who’d taken those photos. She’d gotten rid of him, but still kept the photos in an envelope behind the wardrobe.
There was a lot to get though.
All the time I laughed and joked with her, and made her wetter.
A three way with a couple she knew. He hadn’t lasted very long at all. At first he hadn’t minded that her, and his girlfriend carried on without him, but eventually he left the room in a huff. Every now and again the girl would make illusions to maybe doing something again with out her boyfriend, but she wasn’t really that into that.
I placed an image in her head of me fucking her friend. “Yes. He’d last longer.” She thought.
It only took a nudge to make her think that.
Her knickers were soaking now. The red light shone out of her.

Then I put in her mind the thought that maybe she was so unbelievably wet that it had gone through to her dress. A small fear grew in her. A little snack for me. The red light arousal turned orange with the addition of the yellow fear.
I took her ability to keep a thought inside her head from her, and asked her for a dance.
“I can’t stand up,” she told me. ”My flower’s so wet it’s like I’ve got a showerhead in my knickers.” She clasped her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide with shock.
“Flower? I said, “How old are you? Twelve?”
“I’m thirty four.” She clasped her hand over her mouth again. She had been twenty-eight for years now.

Red and yellow make orange.
I do like orange.

Then all at once I felt it.
The fear.
Real fear.
So much food.


My Synesthesia gave the whole room a yellow tinge.
Whist most unnamed things feed on blood or flesh, I feed on fear, and someone in this club was terrified.
Usually I had to fuck with someone’s head to bring the fear out of them, and while it was true that I wouldn’t need to “eat” for a few more days. The fear was so sticky sweet I couldn’t resist.
I walked away from the blonde, she hopped off her stool and started to follow me. “Where are you going?” She asked.
I flicked a switch in her head and she started to vomit.


It was coming from the toilets, someone was in fear for their life in the female toilets. Such delicious horror. Almost golden.
And then it was gone.
Taken from me in an instant. You don’t stop being afraid that quickly unless… unless you died.

I walked into the females toilet. Totally ignored by those I found preening themselves at the mirrors.

You don’t need to be invisible if you can persuade everyone to simply not notice you.

I looked into the cubicles by choosing to see only heat.
In the first cubical I saw the shape of a woman urinating.
In the second, two women, one urinating the other stood waiting.
In the third a woman was snorting something off the toilet seat, the other stood waiting.
In the fourth a woman was trying to stop crying. She knew he loved her. Felt it deep down inside her heart. So why did he act like he didn’t?
The fifth was empty.
And in the sixth a woman on her own sat on the toilet slumped up against the cubical wall. The heat already leaving her.
The cubical was locked. It seemed a strange place to kill yourself. I made the door unlocked and pushed the door open.

In an instant I was thrown back, pushed back, something clamped tight round my neck. I turned my vision back to the visible spectrum, and as I did she became visible to me. A room temperature female, with jet-black hair. Her mouth, and cheeks stained with blood.


She was strong this one. My feet weren’t touching the floor anymore. The tile behind my head cracked.
She glowed red too, but this was anger, not desire. (The two things have the same colour to my eyes).
She looked to her right at all the other females in the room. They all ignored us. She looked back at me, and knew that was my doing. I looked over her shoulder and could see that the dead girl had had her throat cut.


“You’ve… left a… mess in… there.” I just about managed to say with her hand pressed hard to my larynx. She squeezed harder, crushing my voice box, and growled through gritted teeth. It was then I saw the truth of her. She was one of those things careless enough to have acquired a name…


But this one had nothing but space where her fangs should be.
“Who took your teeth, little one?” I said loudly in a voice inside her head.


Little one? I’d thought I’d just made that up, but it resonated within her.
I was inside her head to speak to her that way, and must have picked something up. Little one? Who called her little one? This female was not dumb like the blonde. It took a lot of pushing to open up her doors.
The missing teeth were on a necklace. A thin leather strap, but around whose neck? I couldn’t see. She wouldn’t show me. Rare to find such strength.
Then I noticed the strap around her neck, the teeth hidden under her T-shirt.
“Who wore that necklace before you?”
“What are you?” she growled. The pulse in my neck, and my voice in her head, telling her I was not like her.


“Show me.” I ordered. She squeezed my neck even tighter. “I don’t need to breathe.” (a lie) “Show me.”

Bright golden yellow. Like the sun. I ate from her.

The truth was she was stronger than me. Faster than me. I was in agony. My throat crushed. (it would be hours before I could speak) I acted as though I felt no pain though. I acted as though I felt no fear. I acted as though the easiest thing in the world for me would be to kill her with a thought.
She glowed yellow like the sun, and her fear strengthened me.

My favourite way to bring the fear is to hang around out side a club when it closes, and make a girls stupid drunk boyfriend hate me. Perhaps I make him think his girl is attracted to me. Sometimes I might make him think I’m attracted to him. Either way I get him to start. They usually say “What are you looking at?” or words to that effect. Then they come over, and maybe push me a little. Then I look at the girl, and she knows right then the darkness inside me.
The bottomless pit. The yawning black void. And she knows I’m going to kill him.
One more push, and he’s dead before he lies down. She’ll scream, and say something to her man like “leave him, he’s not worth it.” And I gobble up every drop of fear that pours from her.

Little one relaxed her grip on me, and I slid down the wall back to the floor. She sank to her knees, her doors fell open. Her mind was huge. Her intelligence greater than my own. Lucky for me she didn't yet know it. Lucky for me she'd listened to those who called her stupid as a child.

I dived in and I saw it all…

She’d been the submissive in a sub/dom relationship. The Dom had a Volvo, a job in sales, and a vampire fetish. He had the coat, he had the hair. He had the plastic teeth.
She wore a collar as in symbol of her submission, and his ownership of her. They played their games. She was always the virgin, and for a while they were very happy.
Then one day he came home changed.

His kink had brought him to the reality not the fantasy, and that reality had changed him. He had no need for the plastic teeth anymore.
He then changed her. Made her vampire too. The dream being that they could now continue to play the games for all eternity, but she made a better vampire than he ever could, and vampires don’t submit easily.

She was to stay in the house, and he was to go out and feed. She would then feed on him. Rely on him for sustenance.
It’s the way some of them do it.
But it wasn’t long before he found her gone upon his return, and when she finally came back her face, and dress, were stained red.
He knew he was losing his hold over her. She refused the collar. It was only a symbol, but she refused it all the same. So one night when she returned, stained red, she found those who’d turned him there too.

And the six of them took her teeth from her.

He used wire to attach them to a thin leather strap, and wore them around his neck to remind her who had the power. Upon his return each night he was to cut his wrist for her. This was the way it was to be for all eternity.

38 minutes after the others left she did the cutting herself.

With one of the knives his mother had bought them when they’d got the house, she opened him up from his balls up to his heart. Pulled out that heart and flushed it down the toilet. She then took the teeth from around his neck and placed them around hers.

Blue and yellow make green.

Blue is sadness. The blue does not taste good.

I lifted her up. “We need to clean this mess.”

We carried the dead girl out between us. Holding her up as though she was drunk. It didn’t matter that her throat was cut and she was covered in blood. The Silhouette fitted the drunk girl image I was projecting out to everyone around us.

Thankfully it was a short walk from the club to one of those places between places that humans can’t perceive. We left the body there, and then walked without talking for a while.
Then under the railway bridge behind the train station I stopped her, and I turned her to me, put my hands on her face and pushed her top lip up with my thumbs. Vampires have some kinship. Or so I thought. Those who’d done this were amateurs. I can’t stand amateurs.

Those who’d made me were amateurs. Teenagers playing games. They’d heard about that spot in the wood where the devil had once stood. The blackened tree stump around which nothing will grow, that had once been an alter for black magics. Being drunk they’d thought it was a good idea to summon him up again.

The spell was wrong. The book written by a fool, but something had once stood there. Not the devil, but something close enough. There was a weak point there now. It made bad things easy.
This was a bad place.
They finished their spell, and stopped laughing when I appeared naked in front of them.

I was an amalgam.

A little of each of them. And a little of the thing that had once stood there.

The one with my dark eyes turned and ran off into the woods. I took his sense of balance from him. He veered off to one side and ran into a tree.
The one I get my sense of humour from was frozen to the spot. It was easy just to grab him and break his neck.
The one who looked most like me pulled out a knife. It was easy to confuse his drunken mind, and a second later he’d cut his own throat.
The fourth had hidden herself in a bush, but she was so terrified that it looked to me as though the bush was on fire.
From where she was she could see me take the knife, and finish off the one who’d ran into the tree.
I turned and looked straight at her.
She wet herself. Not my doing.
I didn’t kill her. I had her memories, and I liked her. Perhaps someone should be left alive to warn others not to play such games. It may seem like a bad thing to kill those people, but I’d killed them to protect those not yet dead.
What if someone one day said the right words in that place?

Best not to think about such things…

Under that bridge I slid my hand up inside my damaged vampires shirt grasped the teeth that hung around her neck and yanked.
I took the teeth off the strap. I could hear her heart beating.
“Open your mouth.”
She was an amateur too, knowing almost nothing of the regenerative powers of a vampire.
“Don’t be scared.”

Bright yellow.

That always works. Tell them not to be scared, and suddenly they’re terrified.
I pushed the teeth back in.
The gums had healed over so it took some doing, but once the flesh recognised the tooth as it’s own I saw the gum suck the teeth into place, and once in place they turned from pale grey back to shining white.

It seemed an obvious thing to try. She felt stupid. I knew she was anything but that. I didn’t tell her that I just walked away. Stole a car, and went home…

I slept till ten. She was in my dreams. I was processing more details from her memories. I hadn’t had time to deal with all of them all at the time. But it was the collar that my mind kept returning to. The collar.

I woke to find her there at the foot of my bed. She’d followed me home in a cab. Her teeth stained red from the driver.
She held out her collar. (After discovering where I lived she must have gone home to get it).

Worrying that I didn’t sense her following. Worrying that her presence in the room hadn’t woke me.

She held out her collar…

A gift to me.
I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to put it on her. She was not my type. She was intelligent for a start, and controlling her would be… well the last guy who tried that wound up dead. Cut from his balls up to his heart.

I had blood in my veins too. My own blood. She’d be able to hear my heart beating from where she stood. Now at this moment with a belly full of blood she might find it easy to see me as her owner, but before long her belly would be empty, and she would see me as nothing but food.
How long would it be before she realised she was stronger, faster and more intelligent than me?
How long before she figured out that she could keep me out of her head?

Vampires don’t submit easily

The thought of me dead on my floor, cut from balls to heart. Did not appeal.
I displayed no such concerns. I simply took the collar and placed it round her neck.

Life’s boring without a few risks…


Ash Collins said...

yes... yes i liked that. very good. your writing is as strong as your comic stuff.
barring a few spelling errors, that was all kinds of excellence!

Paulina said...


Raymond Amarantus said...

oh, man.

please tell me this story goes on.

Anonymous said...

captivating indeed

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Wow! Where did this come from? I like it, dark, sexy, sensual, disturbing and so, so well written.
Phew! BG x

looney said...

Oh my god...I love it. You have created a world like Clive Barker does.

Anonymous said...

Stick to the drawings please.

spleenal said...

no. fuck off

Ash Collins said...

what a cunt! if you're going to pointlessly diss someone's work at least have the balls to post your name!

JOHN said...

why, would it make a difference?

and I never dissed the story. I'm sorry if I think the drawing's are brilliant and the main reason to visit this fun site.

i suppose it's a bit unnecesary for me to make any comment considering the unbridled hostility being directed towards me. i hope this hatred of your average reader doesn't affect your book sales.

keep up the good DRAWINGS.

spleenal said...

Sorry if I caused offense, John. but this blog is the only place in my life I'm allowed to do what ever I want.
So I do whatever I want.
I doubt that you'll ever be more that a few days away from a spleenal cartoon, but I make no promises.
Other than I'm gonna do and say whatever I want.

If I was in a better position money wise I'd print you a "Spleenal told me to fuck off" T-shirt, and send it to you.

You could wear it with pride.

I need to start using these little faces at the end of stuff.

hey look that last one's wearing sunglasses, what does that mean? It's hot where I am?

IBerg said...

Hey if you are passing out T-Shirts, can I get a SPLEENAL TOLD ME TO SHUT THE FUCK UP shirt?

I love this story you are working here. It took about a paragraph to get me right into it. Is this a short story or a novel (I hope the latter).

Anonymous said...

That was THE awesome. 2 sentences and I was hooked.
please tell me this will be in your book, with some dark mysterious sketches to go with it..


John said...

I like you Spleenal. You're a good bloke. Don't worry, I'll be buying the Big Book of Spleenal as soon as I can gets me hands on it.

And, yes please, a "Spleenal told me to Fuck Off" shirt would be splendid. Everyone else tells me to fuck off, so why not you too?

Keep up the good work (and I did like the Vampire Story, I really did.)

Melly K. said...

Good stuff, I'll be breathlessly waiting for more.

PS. Silhouette. I'm a bitch like that.

MrPeach said...

Cor that was brill.

Make a novel, please!

Terry said...

Really, really good. I'm not one to normally take a chance to read such a long blog post. Usually it just doesn't pay off, so it took me a couple of days to read it.

Glad I did. I too look forward to buying your book, and will be happy to enjoy whatever excellent stuff that you and your publisher decide to put in there.

Carnalis said...

it made me shiver, but i liked it, a lot (if it is possible to read while hiding behind the sofa, that is what i did)

Dm said...

I just read that again for a second time and I love it even more.

Please please please please tell me you are going to work this into a full novel!!! Besides being my favorite cartoonist, you will become my favorite author too.

C.D. Payne look out!!!



I hate reading on the internet, I can't do it

but I just read all that

so it must be good. well done sir!

now if blog designers could study graphic design before calling themselves "designers", and learn that human brains find it difficult to read lines of text longer than 7 words (or is it 12? college was nearly 20 years ago!) reading on the internet would be so much easier.
p.s. that's why newspapers have narrow columns!

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