Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The "cure"

I've seen the "you and I" trailer on Youtube it looks like those "Beautiful Nihilists" tatu are only in it at the end !

It's possible that Spleenal might move his affections from the ginger one out of Tatu to MRirian If you follow the link it's important to go full screen. Some of MRirians 61 videos have been viewed 1 or 2 million times!
If you're not lucky enough to have a wife or girlfriend then this will do just fine until you get one.
(It may well do just fine after you get a wife too)


Carnalis said...

*two* tongues?? lol

Anonymous said...

can you explain the MRirian thing to me? As a girl, I don't get it... Feel free to be explicit.

Raymond Amarantus said...

It'll be funny to watch Spleenal send unsettling comments/messages to MRirian. And whatever insanity ensues because of that.

Freddy said...

nope - not getting that

can we have more strap-on related cartoons please?

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