Thursday, September 4, 2008

30 new pages. Done!

Yes that's right thirty new pages, that you won't see without buying my book.
Ooo, I like the way that sounds. My book.
It's all coloured in nice too.

Next step is to re-scan a couple of the stories that have already appeared on the blog.
See your monitor has a resolution of 72 dpi and print is more like 300. So I have to re-scan, and then re-colour everything again. (Yawn)

But it gives me the chance to tweek a couple of things. A bit more colour, and perhaps the odd crappy panel re-drawn too. One thing I'm certain of is that the Spanky comic will stay mainly blue. So that when you see those rosey red butt cheeks they really stand out (perhaps i'll use a little extra Blonde though)

What this all adds up to is a pretty boring blog for you... Unless...

Unless I dig out old stuff from before I became famous! Well from before I had a blog at least.
Now where did I put all that crap?

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