Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Busy, busy, busy.
I hope my next post will be a sort of behind the scenes peek of how I do what I do.


Z Von Dexter said...

Regard the Warholian bunnies, I think that is a completely fantastic idea. Since you need to be 21 to buy spray paint here (the reason being that they don't want kids doing, well, what I would be doing) I work with what I have around my house which is black, white, gray, orange and chalkboard. I could do a chalkboard bunny!
I love your drawings, by the way.

erika said...

hm, i like your stuff. especially the robbery stories. i´m glad you left a comment to my blog (and i also think girls on skateboards are hot) otherwise i would have missed seeing your work

Z Von Dexter said...

It would appear, that, yes, he is a god.
Fucking epic!

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